Welcome to Domain of One's Own @ Emory University!

Broadly outlined, this project enables students at all course levels and across the disciplines to author and administer their own websites. Student domains function as hubs for course work, social media, film and video archives, professional portfolio materials, and civic engagement resources. 

If you’re a student in one of our Domain courses, then throughout the semester your class will be exploring web literacies, new media composing practices, and experiential learning activities that put your domain to use. When the course is over, the space is yours to continue building on. We hope that you’ll use it to narrate, define, and archive your learning.

To sign up for your own domain, go here and login with your Emory netID and password. If you're already part of the program, follow that same link to sign in and get to your cPanel.

If you need assistance with some aspect of managing your domain or publishing your coursework, check out the Domain documentation pages.

Check out the faculty who are teaching in the program this semester to find out more about these classes. Or find out who taught with Domain in its pilot year of 2013-2014.